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All students are given this document at the beginning of the year to help explain my classroom procedures.

Science Expectations

Keep this paper all year


Welcome to science class.  I am glad to have you as a student and I hope that you find this class an enjoyable place for learning.  Please refer to this guide before you ask me what to do. 





Attendance in science class is very important and absences should be minimized. 

It is your responsibility to do the following upon returning from an absence:

  1. Look at the assignment calendar on Mr. Gray’s website.
  2. Get missed work from the “Old Assignments” box.
  3. Ask your tablemates for clarification.
  4. Ask Mr. Gray if you are still confused.
  5. Complete the work by making arrangements to stay after school or come before school if needed. Some work can be completed at home.

Most  work will be turned in as packets and in composition notebooks. You must make up all absent work before the packet is due.  "I was gone that day," does not work as an excuse.


As mentioned above, you will turn in your work in packets, a composition notebook and electronically with the iPad.  The composition notebook will hold notes, vocabulary,  concept maps, etc...  You will be given fair notice before your packet or notebook is due.  If you are missing any work, arrange to stay after school or come in before school to complete the work before the packet/binder due date. Once the packet/binder has been collected, late work will be worth 75%.



All late work is worth 75% of the original assignment’s value and must be turned in no later than 7 days after it was assigned.


Every other Thursday students are expected to turn in a current event. The format for current events is posted on my webpage and should also be on a colored sheet in your science homework folder.  Most all assignments can be finished in class if time is used wisely. Homework will be given on a sporadic basis. Please go to the assignment calendar on my website to find out what is going on each day in science class. Homework is posted in red and tests are posted in blue.  Here is the address:


At the beginning of each period students will be given a warm-up question.  Students are expected to record the question and the answer on the green warm-up form. 


I am available after school to assist students in any way.  Please make prior arrangements for transportation and let your parents know you will be staying after school for help.



 Sometimes you will work with other people on an assignment, you will be able to discuss and share ideas and get help from them.  HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE JUST COPYING FROM ANOTHER PERSON’S WORK (EITHER CLASS WORK OR HOMEWORK), BOTH YOU AND THE PERSON YOU ARE COPYING FROM WILL GET ZEROS FOR THAT ASSIGNMENT.  DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE COPY YOUR WORK!!!!


  1. Planners (Parents need to check planners daily and sign at the end of the week)

  2. Online Assignment Calendar 

  3. Voice Mail (360) 313-3200

  4. Email (preferred)


100%-93% = A

92%-90% = A-

89%-87% = B+

86%-83% = B

82%-80% = B-

79%-77% = C+

76%-73% = C

72%-70% = C-

69%-67% = D+

66%-60% = D

59% and below = F


  1. Report Cards every 12 weeks

  2. Progress Reports every 6 weeks  

  3. Grades online (parents must get paperwork from office for this service)

  4. Grades posted in class frequently throughout trimester


If you are doing anything that I think might endanger yourself or someone else, you will be removed from class and your parents will be contacted.  All students have the right to a safe environment.  All safety equipment must be kept in good working order.  Touching this safety equipment except in an emergency is forbidden and the consequences are serious.  All students must have a signed safety contract on file before doing experiments. 


If we have a substitute teacher he/she deserves your complete respect and you should be on your best behavior.  The number one rule is to be cooperative, even if he/she asks you to do things differently than usual.  If your name is written down as being uncooperative, you will serve two detentions for me when I return.  No questions asked! 


You are responsible for cleaning up the area around you including the table and floor.  You will be dismissed when everything is clean. Stand quietly behind your chair to show you are ready to be dismissed. Your instructor will dismiss you not the bell.


You must always have:             

  • Accordion Folder or 3 ring binder

  • Composition notebook

  • 2 pencils and 2 pens

  • Loose-leaf notebook paper (no spiral paper)

  • 1 Ruler

  • 1 calculator

  • 1 package of tab dividers

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Markers/Colored Pencils

Please make sure you always keep your supplies up to date.  You will need these all year long! 


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PARENT SIGNATURE__________________________________________DATE_____